VRM Avatars
Custom Avatars using VRM assets.

Introduction to VRMs and loading a VRM into Mona
VRM is a 3d file format that is designed to allow creators to build and use custom 3D Avatars in a growing ecosystem of virtual spaces.
VRM Avatars can be just about anything, from a photorealistic human to a grocery shopping cart. And they are powerful too -- you can trigger emotes and lip sync, depending on the metaverse platform you use.

  • In a Mona space, select the Avatar button or press '4' on the keyboard to pull up the Avatar panel and select Import VRM Avatar.
Select Import VRM Model
  • Copy and paste the URL address of your VRM. Note: The VRM must be stored on a hosting platform like Web3 Storage, Github, or AWS. To upload your VRM Avatar using Web3.Storage, follow this guide: Uploading your VRM.
  • Select 'Load' for your VRM to enter the space.

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