Uploading to your Wallet

In this tutorial we will cover how to setup your space on your Mona Wallet.

Now that we have a space you can show others what you have done! We can do this by adding a Wallet to Mona such as Metamask and then adding the space to a Wallet Draft Slot.

Adding a digital Wallet to Mona

Metamask is a digital wallet that you can add to your Browser. Mona also allows Wallet Connect and Delegate Cash if you’d prefer.

For the most up-to-date approach to registering to Metamask, Wallet Connect or Delegate Cash, go to their site for more information.

Connecting your Wallet to Mona

  • At the top right of Monaverse.com, select the 'Sign In' button and then select your desired Wallet type.

  • Enter your Password.

  • Make sure to sign the signature request if needed.

Uploading your space to your Wallet

Once you are signed in, you have access to the Collection, Creations, and Draft categories.

  • Click on the Drafts tab.

  • Click on 'Create > Space'.

  • Enter the details for your space such as :

    • Name

    • Artist

    • Short description (required)

    • Long Description (optional)

  • Select which properties best represents your space.

  • Select ‘Continue’ at the bottom.

The following page is where we can upload all the assets for your space.

  • Drag and drop the Playable files you have been using in your playground so far onto the Playable files section. You can also click on Select a File and add the Playable files folder. This approach will have a popup to confirm that you want to add the files within that folder.

  • Select ‘Upload’ if the number of Portals, Artifacts, and canvases seems correct.

  • Click on the ‘Preview’ link to share with others by copying the URL in the preview space and sharing it with those you would like to invite.

Adding a Splash screen

It is possible to edit the image that your space displays when loading with the Preview Image.

We recommend creating a 1920x1080 image that does not include any Avatars or desktop/Mona UI for best results. One approach to do this is the following :

  • Load the space in your browser

  • Use the following hotkeys to prepare your shot

    • V - Toggle First person

    • U - Hide Mona UI

    • N - Hide the reticle, or dot in the middle of the screen

    • F11 to go full screen.

  • Use the print screen, or Alt print screen keys to copy the desktop onto the clipboard

  • Use your preferred Image editing software to edit and make sure it’s at the right resolution eg. 1920x1080.

  • Drag your saved image onto the Preview Image section in your wallet draft.

If you have added Portals, Canvases, or Artifacts you can update their information on the draft.

For more information on these, use the following :

As an example, let's look at a canvas.

  • Click on the Link Button next to a Canvas.

  • Add the Title, Artist and description.

  • Add a website to link to when clicked on. This is optional.

    • The link requires the http:// at the start.

  • Add what kind of asset you are going to link, such as an Image or a Live Stream.

    • Note that only certain hosts will allow Images to be linked such as dropbox, Web3.Storage, or Imgur.

  • Add whether the canvas will scale to the image, or the image will crop to the canvas.

Mintable Files and Preview Video

The Mintable files and Video Preview are used when you are planning to mint your space so others can buy them, can find the space on the mona website, and other benefits.

For more information, go to Mint Your Space or Creating an Image & Video Preview.


In this tutorial we looked at getting a digital wallet to connect to Mona, connecting your wallet, and then uploading your space to a Wallet Draft to share with others.

And that’s it for your first hour with Mona!

You have created your first space that you can share with others easily. Once comfortable with your current skillset, the next thing to do is look into our documentation that goes into ways to push your space to the next level, such as lightmapping and light probes, or adding interactivity to your space with Reactor or Visual scripting.

There is so much you can create with Mona! And we look forward to seeing your creations!

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