Creating an Image & Video Preview

A guide to help record a video render of your Mona Space.

When submitting your Space to Mona, you are required to provide an Image Preview and Video Render of your Space.

A Preview Image is an appealing 1920x1080 Image of your Space that will be used for the Loading screen and links to the space.

  • File size: Under 5Mb (Required)

  • Dimensions: 1920x1080 (Minimum)

  • Must NOT have the Avatar, Desktop, or Mona UI (Required)

A Video Render is a short video preview clip of what your Space looks like. This will be linked to your Space on the Mona site, marketplace and will help when visitors view it on a website.

  • Duration: Between 5s - 15s (recommended)

  • File size: Under 20Mb (Required)

  • Dimensions: 1920x1080 (Minimum)

  • Must NOT have the Avatar, Desktop, or Mona UI (Required)


How do make an Image and record a video of my Space?

If you are using the browser to capture the Image and Video, make sure there is no Avatar, desktop, or Mona UI in them otherwise this will fail QA. To help with this you can use the following :

  • To hide your avatar from view, press the 'V' key on your keyboard.

  • To hide the UI elements, press the 'U' key on your keyboard.

  • To make the browser go Full screen, press 'F11' on your keyboard.

What if my recording is larger than 20MB?

You can make your Video file size using smaller by using Handbrake - a free open-source video transcoder program.

Once you download Handbrake, open your video file and select a Preset such as Fast 1080p. Selecting "Web Optimized" option may also reduce your filesize further.

Be careful not to overwrite your original video file. To avoid this, change the name of your video file in the bottom menu text field next to Save As.

Image/Video examples

If you are going to use the Browser to capture your Image and Video make sure that they do not include your avatar or any UI graphical elements.

Here is what it should look like:

Here is what it should not look like:

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