MONA Tools

Over time we MONA will be adding a number of tools to help you build amazing spaces.

Some of these tools will be found in the MONA Library such as the Mona Capture Tool, whereas others will be found in the MONA template itself, such as the Template Utility.

Template Utility

The Template Utility helps make sure that your version of Unity is correct, that you have WebGL installed and that the template itself is the latest version. For more information go to Template Utility.

MONA Capture

The MONA Capture (Beta) allows users to control a free moving camera, separated from their player to create more interesting and interactive content with the spaces they visit. For more information go to MONA Capture.

Light Probe Generator

The Light Probe Generator is a tool that great speeds up Light Probe placement in Light probe groups. Light probes are important for dynamic objects (non-static) in spaces that use lightmapping. For more information go to Light Probe Generator.

VOX Importer

The VOX Importer allows builders to import .vox files. For more information go to VOX Importer.

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