MONA Create

The MONA Create is a great tool to customize you MONA Space in browser.

Start your creative journey with MONA Create, a browser-based editing tool crafted for every kind of creator. Whether you’re starting with a ready-to-use template or importing your own MONA Space, Create offers a unique blend of simplicity and functionality.

You’ll be able to personalize your space using a mix of assets from the Asset library, GLBs from your Wallet, or 3D primitives.

Create is currently in early access, but it offers an exciting array of features:

  • Start with a Template or a MONA Space Begin your project using a pre-made template or by importing an existing MONA Space you own.

  • Add Assets to Customize your Space Enhance your space with a range of 3D Assets in the MONA Asset Library, GLBs from your wallet, and 3D primitives (basic shapes such as cube, sphere, cone etc.) that are readily available within Create.

  • Edit with Flexibility Adjust the position, rotation and scale of assets within your space. You can also enable/disable assets including Artifacts embedded within the MONA environment.

  • Save and Personalize Secure your creations by saving them to your account, linked to your wallet. You can even give your space its own identity with a name and description.

  • Publish to Share with others! Once you have published your space to your wallet you can share it with others much like any draft space made within Unity.

Starting Create

  • Open Mona Create in Browser.

  • Sign in with your Wallet. Metamask and Wallet Connect are currently supported.

  • Choose a space from the templates at the top of the page, or a space you own at the bottom.

  • Note that it may take a moment to load depending on the space. Look around the environment to load the space completely.

  • Use the Right Mouse button to look around the environment.

  • Use WASD to move around in the space.

  • Use Q to move downwards, and E to move upwards.

  • Use Shift to speed up navigation.

The MONA Create Interface

At the top left you have the Mona logo and page options on pulldown such as :

  • Settings - to edit the Settings within Create.

  • Controls - To adjust mouse speed and sensitivity.

  • Docs - Links to these docs easily.

  • Report a bug - if you have any issues.

  • Feedback - if you want to offer feedback on improving the Create Experience.

  • Space Selector - If you want to select a different space to edit.

  • Logout - Logs you out of the experience.

At the Bottom Right are several icons to enable and disable different panels :

  • Toolbar Offers a number of tools to edit your assets in the scene such as Pin, Select, Move asset (G key), Rotate asset (R key), Scale asset (T key), Enable/Disable asset, and Delete asset.

  • Asset Inspector The Asset Inspector displays information about the currently selected asset such as position, rotation, and scale. You can also edit the title, creator, description, and website on the asset.

  • Add Artifact panel Allows you to add 3D assets from the Asset Library, GLBs from your wallet, or simple Primitives.

  • Inventory Displays all the artifacts in the space. Allows you to focus on, enable/disable, duplicate, or delete the asset.

  • Load/Save/Publish Space This allows you to load, save, delete, play test, and publish your space.

  • Help Opens up the Tutorial popup that covers basic use and hotkeys for Create.


WASD - Move around in the space. Q - Move downwards E - Move upwards. Shift - Speed up navigation.

F - Focus on Selected Asset

PC : undo - ctrl + z redo - ctrl + y

Mac : undo - cmd + z redo - shift + cmd + z

Adding Assets to MONA Create

You can add artifacts, such as Assets from the Asset Library, Primitives, and GLBs from your wallet with the Add Artifact Panel.

To add an Asset from the Asset Library :

  • Select the 'Library' tab in the Add Artifact Panel.

  • Search or scroll to the desired asset.

  • Click on the asset to add it to the Space.

  • Use the location button, or press 'F' to focus on, the selected asset.

  • Use the toolbar options to position, rotate, or scale the asset.

To add a Primitive asset :

  • Select the 'Primitives' tab in the Add Artifact Panel.

  • Select what primitive you would like to add to the space.

    • Cube

    • Sphere

    • Cylinder

    • Plane

    • Cone

    • Torus

  • Use the location button, or press 'F' to focus on, the selected asset.

  • Use the toolbar options to position, rotate, or scale the asset.

Primitives currently do not have any color or texture features, these will be added in the future.

To add an GLB from your wallet :

  • Select the 'Wallet' tab in the Add Artifact Panel.

  • Find the desired asset.

  • Click on the asset to add it to the Space.

  • Use the location button, or press 'F' to focus on, the selected asset.

  • Use the toolbar options to position, rotate, or scale the asset.

Editing Assets in MONA Create

  • Click on the asset you would like to edit in the scene directly or select the asset in the Inventory panel.

  • Use the Location Icon (hotkey 'F') to focus on the currently selected asset.

  • Once selected you can move, rotate, or scale the asset using the tools in the tool bar.

  • You can also disable/enable the asset with the Eye Icon.

  • Duplicate assets using the Copy Icon.

  • Delete the selected asset with the Bin Icon.

The 'Properties' tab allows you to input position, rotation, and scale information manually.

The 'Details' tab allows you to rename your asset, as well as define the Creator, Description, and Website for the asset.

Saving your Space

  • Save the space with the Disk icon at the Bottom Right.

  • Enter the space name at the top and select 'Save'.

  • You will see the list of saved spaces at the top of the pop up.

Note that saving a space in Create will not add it to your wallet. Create Spaces are separate projects so that you can Load, Update, and Save spaces as needed.

If you want to add the space to your wallet to share with others you will need to Publish the space.

Loading a Space

  • Load the Space with the Disk icon at the Bottom Right.

  • At the top of the popup are your previously saved spaces in Create. Select the one you would like to Load and select 'Load'.

Delete, Play Test or Publish a Space

  • The Delete button this will confirm whether or not you would like to Delete the Space.

  • The Play Test button will allow you to test the space in Mona.

  • The Publish button will send the space to your wallet so that you can update details and share with others!

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