Test Your Space

This page is all about testing your space to see if it works.

Now that you have a space to test let's get to testing! This is easy in Mona, so much so that with a couple of clicks, you can have your space in a web browser!

By testing often, you can find issues with the space, see how well it is running, ensure you can't run through walls, etc., and generally see what the experience is like as you go.

Testing Checklist

Let's review the checklist to make sure your Mona Space works properly in the testing playground:

  • Did you remove all Cameras from your scene? If a camera is in your scene, the Space will not display properly with Mona. Note: If you add a camera for testing inside Unity, make sure to either delete it or turn it off at the top of the Inspector before exporting your Playground files.

  • Did you add Colliders to your scene? If you haven't, the player avatar is out of your world and reset until the end. To learn more about adding colliders [check out this tutorial].

  • Did you set your Player Spawnpoint? The player spawnpoint is the position in which your avatar will spawn in your world. If you haven't set this or are unsure, [check out this guide]. Note: by default, your Player Spawnpoint is 0,0,0.

  • Did you set unique names for your Portals and Artifacts? If you have used Portals, Canvases, or Artifacts it is best practice to ensure these names are unique. Note: There will be a warning in the playground that any Portals or Artifacts with duplicate names are present. This warning is to help you make sure there are no duplicates.

Building Playground Files

The easiest way to build the playground files is to :

  • Click the > Playground files button at the top of the Unity window.

  • Your default web browser will open at the playground web address, and the file location of the Playground files will open automatically.

  • Drag the 'Playground Files' folder from the file location into the middle of the playground files web page.

  • Play!

If you need to find the Playground files for any reason manually, you can go to: <YourProjectFolder>/Exports/PlaygroundFiles.

Make sure to save the project before building the Playground files to make sure that the space will update. If this does not work, you could try deleting the previous Playground Files.

Filesize limitations (<250 MB)

Mona supports up to 250 MB for the PlaygroundFiles folder (including all its files). If your files are over this, you must change or optimize your space to get the file size under this.

Ways to do this include :

  • Reduce / Resize textures (this is the big one)

  • Reduce / Resize lightmap

  • Reduce / Resize Reflection probes

  • Resize skybox texture

  • Reduce polygon count considerably (if you have any high polygon assets, for example)

Sharing your space

Testing your files in the playground is a single user experience. If you want to share your experience, you will need to upload it to the Mona Wallet. For more information go to Submitting your Space.

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