Create FAQ

This doc includes Frequently Asked Questions about Mona Create.

Can I add my own assets?

At the moment you can only use tokenized assets from the Asset Library or GLBs from your wallet. You can find these next to the Primitives tab in the "Add Artifact' window.

How many assets are allowed in a Space?

At the moment, 100 artifacts are allowed in a space. Once you reach that limit you will not be allowed to add any more.

What assets will be allowed in the future?

We hope to allow custom assets in the future including glb and vox 3D Assets, images (such as jpg, png, and gif), video (.mp4), and Unity Asset Bundles which allow for common Unity assets such as Particles, Audio, Reactor and Visual Scripting.

Do I need any applications to use Mona Create?

Not at all! Mona Create is a browser based tool that allows you to open premade Mona spaces or templates and add to them with 3D Primitives, Asset Library, or Wallet based GLB assets.

How do I navigate Mona Create?

  • Use the Right Mouse button to look around the environment.

  • Use WASD to move around in the space.

  • Use Q to move downwards, and E to move upwards.

  • Use Shift to speed up navigation.

Can I change the color and texture of Primitives?

This is not currently supported but will be added in the future.

How do I share my space with others?

Once you have saved you space you can select it and be able to publish the space to your wallet in Mona. Mona Create and Mona are different sites in order to optimize the Create experience.

Once a space is in your wallet you can share it by copying the web address using the Preview button in your Drafts.

Can I add assets from my Wallet?

Yes, Mona Create currently supports GLBs from your wallet.

Can I mint my own Assets?

As it is possible to add GLBs from your wallet you can mint on marketplaces like OpenSea etc., and use them within Mona Create.

Will there be an Asset Marketplace?

The Mona Asset Marketplace is planned.

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