What is a Space?

A ‘Space’ is a 3D virtual social environment that can be viewed in a web browser.

Builders are able to create spaces using free tools like Unity and Blender, or other applications like Maya, Gravity sketch and many other tools that create digital content.

Each Space is minted as an NFT, and can be bought and sold much like any other NFT. If you are the owner of a space, you can use Token Gated access to only allow users you want to enter the space.

A Space does not require 'land' to purchase before creating the space. Each space is created from scratch with the tools of choice and put together in Unity. These spaces are then bought as a complete package.

What can I do in a Space?

Spaces are designed to be social environments, and can be used for whatever you can think of!

Once published, MONA Spaces become private metaverse hangouts for you and your friends. When entering the Space you can customize your avatar and chat using voice and text. New utility is added to Spaces constantly.

You can connect Spaces together using Portals, or add assets that can be updated after the space has been minted through Artifacts or Canvases. More information on those can be found on the left menu.

Can I build a Space?

Yes! Anyone can start building a Space by installing Unity and downloading our ready-to-use template on our Github. You do not need to buy land in order to get started. Each space is its own little plot of whatever you want it to be in the metaverse!

Check out the links to the left to learn how to create your space.

Can I buy a Space?

Yes! Many spaces are available on the MONA Marketplace here.

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