Adding a Material

Setting up materials in VRM for Blender may be more difficult to get the results you want in comparison to UniVRM. If you prefer using Blender, you could apply materials in UniVRM and then import that into VRM to continue in Blender.

If you are wanting to use the MToon shader for your avatar you can do so with the following techniques.

  • Make sure that your display mode is on 'Material Preview' or 'Rendered' in order to see the result.

  • Go to the Shading tab at the top and make sure your model is selected. Also make sure that your model has a material applied.

  • Add the 'MToon_unversioned' shader into the bottom node graph. You can use the Search tool to find it easily.

  • Reconnect the nodes so that the MToon node replaces the Principled BDSF node, and add your images/settings as needed.

    • You can drag and drop textures from your explorer into the graph instead of using the Add / Texture / Image Texture > Open texture approach.

    • Make sure to add a light into the scene to see the results more clearly

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