Add Images to a Canvas

  • Once you have a Space in your wallet on, it will list all the links possible in your space with their unique names as reference.

  • Once you select 'Link' you can fill in the information as you see fit.

  • The 'External URL' link under Other (which includes links to NFT Marketplaces etc) is the website that will open when the Canvas is clicked on in Mona. It does not need to be an NFT Marketplace, it can be anything you like.

  • Under that is the Canvas type, which currently supports Image and Streaming. Current supported Image formats include .Jpg, .Png, and .Gif. Gif includes animated gifs, although these need to be less than 10Mb. Streaming will be covered in the next tutorial.

  • The last option is the Image Crop Mode. This sets if the Canvas scales to the Image or the Image 'crops' to the Canvas.

    • Fit Image inside Canvas will crop the image to keep the canvas the same size as set in Unity.

    • Scale Canvas down to Image Size will reduce the canvas to the ratio of the image. So a Landscape image will reduce the height and a Portrait will reduce the width of the canvas.

  • Once you have set the links as you see fit, select 'Link Canvas' or 'Save Edits' to apply the settings.

Examples of the Image Crop Modes are below.

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