Build : NY Challenge (Completed)

The Brief

The First IRL Metaverse Build-a-thon

The Monaverse is a thriving ecosystem of unique virtual worlds. Now it’s time to blend the physical with the digital.

THE BUILD CHALLENGE: Design a Monaverse world inspired by the feeling of one of the most iconic cities on earth - New York City.

For those who’ve experienced NYC, this might represent a melting pot of people, ideas and creations. For those who’ve only dreamed about NYC, this might be a concrete jungle of limitless people and personalities.

Everyone has an idea of what New York means, now, we ask, let’s build the New York City of the Metaverse.

Build Process

6 hours is not much time to build.

This is meant to be an intense challenge, one to remember for many years to come. Choose a design direction that is manageable to complete in this timeframe, like a beautiful sculpture inside a simple room, a small but really interesting reactor-powered world, an aesthetically pleasing environment **with a few polished key elements. Just like a hackathon, after this build-a-thon you can continue to evolve your space before minting.

Remember, you can team up with up to two other people for this build challenge. We’re building the New York of the Future, together.


  • A sculptural interpretation of what the Statue of Liberty of the Metaverse might look like.

  • A yellow-cab colored architectural structure.

  • A Metaverse Transit Agency Portal Hub.


1st prize = $6000

2nd prize = $2000

3rd Prize = $1000

4th Prize = $500

5th Prize = $500


Prize winners will be selected and judged on three areas: Design, Creativity of the Concept, and the Technical Achievement of the world.


Judging will be centered around the Utility, Design, and Technical Performance of the Space.

BUILD NY will be judged by a panel from the Mona team & industry experts.


Jo Hee




Cameron Nelson

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