Collector's Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for all issues relating to Running A Space.

Spaces don't load on the Mona website

You can try a different browser as occasionally it will work in one browser, but not another.

Another approach would be to use the 'Hard Refresh' by using the left Ctrl and select the refresh button or press F5 in your preferred browser.

If the Spaces don't load on the website you can :

  • Check the 'Browser settings > More Tools > Developer Tools' window

  • Make sure the 'Console' tab is selected

  • See if there are any errors in red. This helps troubleshoot the issue in the Support channel on Discord.

'Memory Access out of bounds' Javascript error when loading

The following error appears when loading the space :

A common reason for this is when the canvas images are too numerous, or too large, for the browser memory. Make sure your images are as small as possible if you have many images. we recommend no bigger than 1000x1000 if possible as all these images will need to be loaded before a user can explore the space without lag.

Another reason is that you are using too many animated GIF images. Reduce the number of gifs and see if that works. The filesize of the animated gifs may not be a deciding factor on this.

'Content Security Policy : The page's settings blocked the loading ...' error

If the following error is shown it could be related to your Antivirus software.

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