Add a Livestream to a Canvas

To video livestream into a Mona Space, you will need to apply an .m3u8 Video Livestream link to an existing Canvas inside your Space. Getting this link is described in Livestream using OBS Studio

  • You can only have ONE livestream feed in a space at a time.

  • The link needs to end with .m3u8. Other links, such as Twitch or YouTube URLs will not work.

  • The Frame rate will be affected when Live Streaming in a space.

  • Once you have a Space in your wallet on, it will list all the links possible in your space with their unique names as reference.

  • Select 'Link' to fill in the information as you see fit.

  • The 'External URL' link under Other (which includes links to NFT Marketplaces etc) is the website that will open when the Canvas is clicked on in Mona. An example would be a link to an NFT marketplace page, but any website can be linked here.

  • The Canvas type currently supports Images (covered in the previous tutorial) and Streaming. The Canvas Live Stream URL must be an HLS (Http Live Streaming) URL, which ends in .m3u8. An example is shown above : Note that if you try to change the Canvas Type on a previously linked Canvas the cursor might show that you cannot change it. For this all you need to do is Unlink the canvas before relinking the content as you like.

As noted, Twitch and YouTube website URLs will not work for this link. Getting the .m3u8 link is covered in Livestream using OBS Studio

  • The Live Stream Crop Mode option selects if the Canvas scales to the media or the Media scales (or crops) to the Canvas.

    • Fit Media inside Canvas will crop the stream to keep the canvas the same size as set in Unity.

    • Scale Canvas down to Media Size will reduce the canvas to the ratio of the stream. So a Landscape stream will reduce the height and a Portrait will reduce the width of the canvas.

  • The last item is the 'Active Stream' toggle. If this is off, the canvas itself will be completely hidden. If it is on, the canvas will be displayed, and linked to the stream.

  • Once you have set the links as you see fit, select 'Link Canvas' or 'Save Edits' to apply the settings.

Note that if you haven't actually started streaming the 'Link Canvas' or 'Save Edits' button will not do anything. Make sure to have started streaming before pressing this button.

Examples of the Crop Modes are below.

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