MONA Crash Course

The MONA Crash Course overview

With MONA, you can design and publish online experiences using common 3D creation tools to be used in a browser. Experiences like virtual homes, avatars, art galleries, live event venues, games, meeting places, shopping centers, clubs, and more.

Introduction To the Crash Course Series

In the following Crash Course Tutorials, we are going to take you through a series that gives you the basics needed to put a MONA Space together from start to finish, even if you have no experience modelling or using Unity.

The goal is to create a simple MONA Studio that you can use to learn the tools that you can take in whatever direction your imagination desires.

Chapter Introduction

In this series, we will be looking at the following topics.

  • Setting Up MONA. The first tutorial will include installing Unity and opening the MONA SDK.

  • Introduction to Unity. The basics of getting around Unity if you haven’t opened up a game engine before.

  • Simple Assets. Adding some simple assets in Unity.

  • Metaverse / WebGL Limitations. Considerations when making assets for WebGL Metaverse spaces.

  • Creating assets in Blender. Creating assets in Blender to use in the space and how to export them. You could also use the premade assets we have available in the MONA Library.

  • Applying materials and Unwrapping UVs in Blender. How to set where the textures go on your asset in Blender.

  • Importing Assets. This tutorial goes over common ways to import your assets from external creation tools like Blender, Maya, and the like.

  • Basic Colliders. You will need to add some colliders to the space; otherwise, your users will fall through the floor or walk through your assets. This tutorial covers some of the methods to do so.

  • Lighting. This tutorial will explore the difference between real-time lights and baked lights and how to set up a quick real-time light example.

  • Adding a custom Skybox. Adding a skybox texture that surrounds our space.

  • Canvases. Canvases allow links to images and live streams that can be updated after a space is minted.

  • Uploading your Space to the MONA Wallet. Uploading your space to your wallet so you can share the space with others!


Once you have completed all these short videos you are well on your way to making amazing MONA Spaces to use or sell. So, without any further ado, let's get into it!

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