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Adding a Custom Skybox

This tutorial will cover how to customize the skybox.
Adding a Custom Skybox in Unity Video
One of the first things that people will notice in a space is the default unity skybox if you have a space that is not purely an interior space. One way to get around this is to add a custom skybox that better suits your needs.

Downloading a Skybox

There are plenty of resources out there that offer skyboxes you can use for free. One such place is or Skybox AI. It is very easy to go to the site and download a skybox that better suits the atmosphere that you would like in your space.
In some cases the skybox will affect the lighting of the space. Keep that in mind when finding an image you like.
It is best to download it directly into your project so we don’t have to move it later.

Setting up the texture

  • Select the texture in the project and then look in the inspector.
  • Under Texture shape select ‘Cube’.
  • Hit apply at the bottom.
Once done, we can create a material to put the skybox texture on...
  • Right mouse click on the folder you would like to add the material and select Create / Material.
  • Click on the material and set the Shader at the top to Skybox / Cubemap.
  • Drag and drop your skybox texture into the Cubemap (HDR) slot on the material.
  • Modify material settings such as Tint Color, Exposure, and Rotation if needed.
Once the material with the skybox texture is created...
  • Drag and drop your skybox material onto the default skybox in the scene.