Template Utility

The Template SDK Utility Is a tool that helps make sure that you have the right version of Unity, WebGL is installed, and the latest version of the Mona Template SDK installed.

If any of these are not correct, it will offer methods to fix the situation.

The right version of Unity, and WebGL being installed are compulsory for Mona to work. The latest version of the template SDK is always recommended. The latest version will have all the latest tools, assets and updates that you can use when creating your space.

Using the Template SDK Utility

The Utility itself can be found under the Mona menu at the top of Unity. Simply select 'Template SDK Helper' to open the tool.

If there is an issue with the Unity version or WebGL you will be given an 'Info' button that links to where you can find the information you need.

If the Template SDK is not up to date, you can do so with the 'Update' button.

Version of Unity

If you need to get the correct version of Unity, you can go here to grab the correct version of Unity. Make sure to go to the 2022.3.6f1 link to download.

Template SDK Update

If you click on update a window will appear displaying what assets need to be installed. Select 'Import/OK' to update the Mona template SDK to the latest version.

WebGL Module

If the WebGL Module is not found, you will need to install it. You can do this by going to the Unity Hub, 'Installs' section and select the Settings/Add Modules button.

After that you need to make sure the WebGL module is installed. By selecting the toggle and selecting 'Install' at the bottom.

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