MONA Claim Asset Requirements

The Maximum specs below will still pass but would not be considered a good asset for a Mobile/Standalone VR experience (depending on the space and number of VRMs in the space). That said, it should work well enough in a desktop environment.

Texture size plays the largest part in file size. Material count and Polycount play the largest part in performance, which is very important when it comes to WebGL, Standalone VR and Mobile platforms.

For more information on Polycount, materials, and textures go to Asset Requirements.

3D Assets

  • File type: GLB

  • Materials : 1 Recommended (2 maximum)

  • Textures:

    • One 512 x 512 single texture / 256 x 256 multiple textures per material Recommended.

    • One 1024 x 1024 single texture / 512x 512 multiple textures per material maximum.

    • Smaller size is recommended for more than one material.

      • Optional - Alpha for transparency (inc. in Diffuse texture).

      • Optional - Normal map.

      • Optional - Roughness (G) / Metallic (B) map.

      • Optional - Emissive map.

      • All material settings should be set correctly in the Asset Creation program. For more information on materials in Blender - glTF 2.0 - Blender 4.1 Manual

  • Positioning and Scale:

    • Object should be positioned at the origin of the scene

    • Object should be a reasonable scale (not extremely large) so it looks good in AR.

  • Additional file types:

    • Optional - USDZ (Enables QuickLook on Mobile Safari and Vision Pro)

Excellent GLB Specs / All platforms

Good GLB Specs / Most platforms

Maximum GLB Specs / Desktop

Less than 5Mb in total

Less than 750 polygons (1,500 triangles)

1 Mesh

1 Material

512 x 512 Total textures *

Less than 8Mb

Less than 1,750 polygons (3,500 triangles)

1-2 Meshes

1-2 Materials

512 x 512 Individual textures *

Less than 10Mb

Less than 5,000 polygons (10,000 triangles)

1-4 Meshes

1-2 Materials

1024x1024 Total textures *

* Note how the textures differ from Total and Individual. Total means that all your textures add up to the target textures.

512x512 total textures would be 256x256 versions of diffuse, normal, Smoothness/Metallic, and emissive texture. 512x512 Individual texture would be 512x512 for each texture type.

Asset Image

PNG Image to use for Promotion + Claim.

  • 2000x2000 resolution

  • Asset on transparent background (or white if need be)

  • No branding, tags or labels in background or foreground

  • Entire asset within the image (no closeups etc).

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