Audio Settings

Mona Spaces use spatial audio, meaning the closer you are to a speaker the louder they are. The speaker direction will depend on the location of the user as well.

You can adjust the volume of various inputs in a space by pressing the 'H' key or sselecting the 'Settings' button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Main Volume - The volume of audio in the space (eg. music, sound FX etc.)

  • Voice Chat Volume - The volume of users speaking

  • Live Stream Canvas Volume - The volume of canvases streaming live content

Setting up a Microphone

It is highly recommended to use headphones if you are using a microphone in Mona otherwise the audio will echo/loop in the space.

Most browsers will use your default microphone settings that are set using your platforms Audio settings.

  • On windows, right click on the Audio Icon in the tray, and go to 'Open Sound Settings'.

  • Set the Input to your Microphone source. Use 'Test your Microphone' bar to make sure it is working.

  • Depending on which browser you are using, and your security settings, you should be able to use your microphone to speak with the 'Speak' button in the UI.

  • A confirmation pop-up will appear that allows the browser to use your microphone, once confirmed you should be able to be heard in the space.

Setting up your Headphones

  • If you are using a microphone, you should set your desktop audio to use headphones (or set the speakers very far from the microphone) otherwise it will echo/loop. Left click on the Audio Icon in the tray and adjust your output to headphones.


There are some common issues that arise with Audio settings. Some of these will be covered below :

Nobody can hear me in the Space

Option 1

Make sure to select the 'Speak' button before trying to talk. This button is only visible in Hangout spaces.

Option 2

Your mic has been muted either in the Mona space (there is a 'Mute' Button in the UI at the bottom), in the browser, in the operating system settings, or on the Microphone itself.

Option 3

You haven't set the correct Mic source in the Audio Settings

I can't hear anyone in the space

Option 1

The tab or browser may be muted. Each browser is different, but this can usually be changed at the top tabs or right click on a tab.

Option 2

Speakers/headphones may be muted in the operating system, or physcially muted on the device

Option 3

You haven't set the orrect output source in the Audio Settings

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