How to Use Mona

How to Enter the Metaverse with Mona 👇
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We're so glad you're here to explore the Metaverse with Mona. This guide will help you enter into & explore Mona Spaces with friends.

Enter a Space

You can enter a Mona Space directly through your desktop web browser using Chrome, Brave, or Firefox on PC or Mac. Safari and Mobile are not yet supported.
You can enter hundreds of Mona spaces directly from the Mona website. To enter a Space with friends you will need to join or create an Hangout.
Click on any of the spaces to enter!

Create your own Hangout

All spaces start as a private single player experience.
To create a public hangout link Press (1) on your keyboard or select the Host a Hangout button.
Hangouts can host 100 users per instance before creating a new Instance of the space. That said, there is no limit to how many instances there can be.
Use '1' or click the Host a Hangout button to create a multiplayer space.
The link will be automatically copied for you to share with others. If you are already in a hangout space, or want to invite others, use the 'Share' button to copy the hangout link to the clipboard in order to send it to other users.
Click on the Share button to copy the link to your clipboard.

Join an existing Hangout

You can enter in Mona spaces with friends using a hangout link. These can be shared just like a Zoom link or any other web page URL.
You can check out a Hangout Space here.

Create an Avatar

When you enter a Mona Space, you will be assigned a default Robot. Unless you have created a Mona account, you will be named as a 'Guest #' until you sign in.
To Customize your Avatar, click the Avatar Button or press 4 on your Keyboard. This will allow you to easily create an avatar with ReadyPlayerMe, or using fully custom VRM avatars.
Select '4' or click the Avatar button to customize your avatar.
Note: You you will need an account to save your Avatar when you return to Mona.

Name Your Avatar (Create an Account)

If you want to add a name to your Avatar, you will need to create an Account. Your Wallet is your account in Mona.
To create an account, you will need a crypto wallet, like Metamask or Wallet Connect. If you have a wallet, it's easy to create an account - just click "Login" on to start the process.
Note: Whatever name you use when setting up your account, this will appear as your Avatar name.
If you don't have a crypto wallet, learn how to create a Wallet here.
You can navigate in Mona using a Keyboard or Game Controller.

Desktop Controls

Move - Use your WASD keys to move forward, backward, & side to side. Alternatively, use your arrow keys to move your avatar.
Rotate Camera - To move your camera, move your mouse or trackpad.
Jump - Press Spacebar to Jump
Run - Hold Shift to run.
Interact - You can interact with certain objects, like Portals or Canvasses, use Left Click.
Reset Spawn Point - Press Tab to return to the entry point.
C - Emote Wheel
Z - Emoji Wheel
V - Toggle First/Third Person
U - Hide UI
I - Hide reticle (White dot)
F11 - Go fullscreen (most browsers)
PgUp - Show Debug Tool (shows frames per second etc)
PgDn - Alternate Debug Tool displays

Controller Support

You can navigate Mona Spaces using a Game Controller like an XBOX or Playstation controller. This is a fun way to navigate space.
Here is an image with the Game Pad Controls:
Mona controller support.