Adding Audio

Adding Audio can improve the atmosphere of your space. It can also be used to enhance reactor events such as door sounds or other elements to add to your interactivity.

Note that the Audio will be in the same environment as the Chat channel at the moment. It is currently possible to mute Audio on the browser tab, but this will mute all audio in the page (including chat).

Some events can also have live music using the tools found in Live Music Feedso adding a background track in the space would make it very difficult to use this functionality.

Unity supports .mp3 and .wav audio formats. MP3 is recommended due to it's decreased filesize.

Adding Audio to a Mona Space

  • Audio is added by using an Audio Source component. It can go on any asset, depending on what you are using it for such as the asset that makes the sound, or an empty gameobject for easier readability.

  • Once you have an Audio Source you can drag and drop your audio file into the Audio Clip.

  • The most common tools on the audio source, depending on your needs, would be the following:

    • Loop (Will loop the audio at the end of the clip)

    • Volume (Adjust the volume of the clip)

    • Spatial Blend ( Is the Audio heard in the whole space, or is it local )

    • Volume Rolloff ( How does the volume run off at distance )

    • Min Distance / Max Distance ( How far can does the audio reach )

    Of course there are others, but those are the main tools that adjust the parameters to your needs.

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