Further resources to help you make the best space possible.

The Resources section goes over a number of resources that are useful to Creators.

Mona Playground

The Mona Playground is a Mona Space that showcases the features of Mona and how to get the best results from your creations. It includes simple examples of colliders and lightmapping, through to a lot of the Mona Library assets in world to see how they work.

This space is available to download so you can pull it apart and learn to help take your own space to the next level. For more information, check out the Mona Playground doc!

Mona Tutorials

The Mona Tutorials section is a selection of tutorials that cover specific examples or spaces, rather than the more general tutorials found in the previous categories. One example is the Retrowave Modules series, that goes over making assets for an interactive obstacle course!

Asset Resources

The Asset Resources category has a ton of linked resources that can help populate your spaces from 3D Assets, textures, shaders, audio, external tutorials, among others.

Mona Library

The Mona Library is a fantastic resource for people to utilise when creating spaces within Unity. It has a bunch of resources that can help understand using Reactor, through to previous challenge assets to add to your space submitted by Creators.

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