Updating the Template SDK

If you want to update your space into the latest Template SDK you will have to use the following technique to do so. Moving forward updates should be much easier, and done within the template itself, using the Template SDK Utility.

  • In the Space that you would like to update, make a Mintable file using the Mona Menu / Create Mintable File.

  • Download the latest template SDK here.

  • Open a new template SDK project with the latest template SDK.

  • Go to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package and import the Mintable package you created from your Space. This can be found in the Exports folder (similar to the Playable files) in the previous Project.

  • Load Space Scenes, if you haven't already. Right Click on the Untitled scene if it's in the Hierarchy and select 'Remove Scene'.

You may need to copy over any unused assets from the previous project. Mintable filles will only add any assets that are used in the space.

This technique is useful to test if your Mintable file works before minting as well.

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