Minted 3rd Party Assets

This page goes into the details of what you can do with the Mintable file, and issues that may arise.

Certain 3rd Party assets have been allowed through the QA process due to their ability to improve the space quality and experience. That said, these assets are not allowed to be included in the mintable file due to complexity, filesize and licensing issues. In doing so, you may need to purchase these assets in order to utilise the Mintable File further.

These assets work perfectly fine in the playable files, which is what most spaces use to run inside Mona, so these will not affect you unless you need to use the mintable file in some way.


Bakery is an asset on the Unity Asset Store that improves the lighting in Spaces in both quality and filesize. Occasionally however these will throw an error when importing the mintable files in a new project.

If you have purchased a space that throws the following errors, you may need to purchase the asset here (it is on Sale quite often however), import this into the space using the Package Manager, and rebake the scene.

Without knowing the original Bakery settings we can only guess (unless you have access to the original builder), but you can use the settings below as a good guide. That said you shouldn't have to edit anything in the space, you will just need to update the lightmaps.

Make sure that the Playable files are still under 180Mb after building if you are building for Mona spaces however, so some adjustments may be needed)

Only use the RTX Mode if you have an NVidia RTX graphics card.

Once you have set those, you should be able to hit Render (which may take some time depending on your hardware and settings). Once done, you should also select 'Render Reflection Probes' in case there are any reflection probes in the space

For further information on using Bakery in Unity, you can go to Lightmaps (Bakery Asset)

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