How to sell Art in Web3

It’s not easy. It takes effort. It takes time.

This guide offers some strategies to help you on your journey to become a successful artist in web3.

Projects can reach their widest audiences through a well-planned marketing strategy. The crypto art market fluctuates day to day, there is no guarantee in selling work. With this in mind, it is important to engage with audiences to build a sustainable practice and to capture the attention of collectors.

Join Communities Like Mona

Mona is a vibrant community of builders, creators, and collectors alike across several social media channels who are eager to support established and emerging artists.

You are encouraged to engage in our @monaverse community (Discord, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and to use the resources provided to do so, as you prepare to release your work.

Marketing across Multiple communities in Web3 may help raise awareness of you as a builder.

Preparing Marketing Assets

Mona is about immersing people in 3D digital experiences. What we empower creators to make is often dynamic, high-resolution, volumetric, and interactive.

With this in mind, we encourage creators to develop marketing assets that really express and accentuate these qualities in the work they create with Mona.

Some Examples from a recent drop on Mona.

Video Trailer:

Not sure how to make these? Learn how to here. Building the Metaverse : How to Capture Images & Video Using Print Screen and OBS

Tell the Story

It is essential to communicate the story and vision around your space and the avatars that inhabit them.

Apart from developing a compelling description for your space and profile on Mona, we encourage artists to think about world-building in their marketing strategy. Communicate via socials your intention for the project and perhaps if applicable how it fits into a larger vision of your work.

Design and release trailers, concept art, and graphics for your work to capture the attention of the market. Take your space to the next level by rendering animations of fly-throughs of the space or animate your avatar to showcase their details in dynamic ways. Your only limit is your own creativity! The Mona marketing team frequently re-shares content like this across our socials so take some time to build a thoughtful and robust toolkit to launch your project.

Each day our dedicated Mona marketing team strives to share compelling projects by our creator community. We often retweet links to upcoming week’s events and releases that are tagged @monaverse.

If you are planning a drop or a larger release involving Mona, please let us know at least 3 weeks in advance by submitting your project here.

If this project is in line with a product launch, tied to a thriving community, or is just a unique and compelling project with a great marketing strategy it might be featured in a dedicated community event.

On the days prior and the day of your launch, we recommend artists to share links to their space and tagging @monaverse so we can reshare posts about them.

*Please note that Mona reserves the right to respond to inquiries about Project features and retweets on projects at our discretion. Although we would love to share and market every project released on Mona, we typically have internal launch schedules that may take precedence. We appreciate your understanding.

Join the Mona Discord Community

Where better to promote your project than amongst your peers? Mona’s Discord community is a thriving server of metaverse creators and collectors and is your best audience and resource. Once you join the Mona Discord server you will be assigned a role. This is your opportunity to tap into our creator community and gain insight into current best practices for releasing your project, building your audience, and leveraging connections. This is a safe space to talk about your project, ask technical questions, get feedback, and make friends in the space. Promoting your release? Ask creators from the Mona Discord to engage with your content. Collaborate with one another to boost each other’s projects. Putting your work out to the world can be exhausting and emotionally draining so look to the Mona community also as a support system that has creators that have gone through and are going through the same thing.

Mental Health & Promoting Your Work

Work/Life Balance

Although promoting your work is useful to build your audience and to help support a life of doing something you are passionate about, no work should take precedence over your mental or physical health and well-being. Be mindful of your emotions and always protect yourself.

Make a routine that works for you:

Consider your emotions when scrolling through a social media feed and marketing your projects. If you feel negative emotions (FOMO, anxiety, jealousy, anger, or depression), it may not be the right time or release your work. Take time to do something else for yourself instead, like take a walk, do some breathing exercises, or reconnect with friends or family. For many of us, social media is an unavoidable tool for work, marketing, etc., so it can be helpful to set specific times of day and a specific amount of time to spend on social media, promoting, and then try to stick to those limits. After the time you allot for social media is up, move on to other tasks. If you have social media notifications turned on, try to disable them so you don’t get distracted from your other tasks. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries with engaging with your audience, especially on Twitter and Discord where it can feel like you need to always be active.


Although Mona encourages people to share stories about their work and art practice, be careful when you share your personal story on social media, it can be risky and uncomfortable. If you choose to share, be careful and be aware of other people's reactions. Tell your trusted friends/family about your plans to share, and ask for their feedback. Respect other people's privacy, and especially avoid arguing with people on social media.

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