Mona Capture

This doc goes over the Mona Capture functionality.

The Mona Capture (Beta) allows users to control a free moving camera, separated from their player to create more interesting and interactive content with the spaces they visit.

This initial iteration of Mona Capture must be added to the Space in Unity in order to be used. Further iterations of Mona Capture will allow the feature to be used (optionally) in all Mona Spaces.

Installing Visual Scripting

You may need to install the 'Visual Scripting' tool for capture to work.

  • Open the Package Manager using 'Window > Package Manager'.

  • Select the 'Packages : In Project' at the top left. If 'Visual Scripting' is not in the list below, you will need to install it.

  • Select the 'Packages : Unity Registry', scroll down to Visual Scripting. And select 'Install' in the description window.

Installing the Mona Capture

  • In the Mona Library, select the Mona Assets category.

  • Select the 'Mona Capture' item and select 'Download'.

  • Select 'Import' in the Import Unity Package popup.

Using the Mona Capture

  • Drag the Mona Capture asset from MonaLibrary / Mona Capture folder into the Space Parent asset in the Space scene.

  • You may need to Import the TextMesh Pro asset, if the popup comes up, just select 'Import TMP Essentials'.

  • Make sure to click on the 'MainCamera' in the MonaCapture asset to initialise the visual scripting. If you do not do this the Mona Capture camera will not work in the space.

  • Once you build your space and test in playground or add to your Mona Wallet, you can press '0' to use the Capture tool.

  • Hit F2 to pull up the hotkeys for more information.

  • You can use any screen capture tool such as OBS Studio or the NVidia Shadowplay to record the screen. For more information on this, go to Creating an Image & Video Preview.





Toggle Free Camera


Rotate Camera


Move Forward


Move Back


Move Left


Move Right


Roll Left


Roll Right


Move Up


Move Down


Boost Move Speed

Middle Scroll

Change Field of View

Increase Speed

Increase Speed

Decrease Speed

Decrease Speed

Reset Position

Reset Position

Save Position

Save Position

Load Position

Load Position

Toggle Mona UI

Toggle Mona UI

Toggle Reticle

Toggle Reticle

Toggle Avatar Tags

Toggle Avatar tags



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