Building Spaces

This page goes over a summary of the best way to use the Mona Docs depending on your skill level.

Whether you are completely new to 3D building or coming in from a background in Architecture or 3D Game Design, this section will help you become a Mona builder quickly and easily.

Follow these steps to get going and remember you can always jump into Discord for more help or get your questions answered. Our YouTube Tutorials are always here as well.

If you are a beginner to building 3D spaces for WebGL, we highly recommend reading Space Limitations first, as this will go over some of the important elements of building a space that looks good and runs well in a WebGL browser environment.

After that, jump into the Create your Space category to learn all you need to get a Mona Space up and running!

Once you get comfortable with the basics of creating a space you can look atImprove your Space, and Optimise your Space to take your space to the next level in both style and performance.

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