VRM Switcher

It is possible to have a user switch to a specific VRM when they interact with an asset in a Mona space using the VRM Switcher component. A good example of this would be having a VRM model that the user can click on and load the VRM as their avatar.

This is done by creating a collider with the VRM Switcher component.

Switching the Avatar is not local to the current space. They will keep the new avatar indefinitely until they manually change their avatar or use a different VRM Switch. This includes when they go to other spaces in the Monaverse.

  • Add an empty gameobject to your space.

  • Add a collider to the empty gameobject. Box colliders are recommended for performance.

  • Add the VRM Switcher component to the gameobject.

  • Add the URL for the VRM file you would like to switch to. Note this has to be a public source, so make sure it works with the standard Custom VRM import process beforehand.

  • Add the VRM Name to label the switch.

  • In the space, a user can press 'E' to switch to the target VRM Avatar.

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