Uploading your VRM

VRM avatar files must be stored on a public host. We recommend using GitHub or Web3 Storage as these are the easiest to set up.

GitHub is like a standard web host, whereas Web3 Storage uses the blockchain. GitHub is free, whereas Web3.storage is moving to a paid service.

Note: It has been found that using a '#' in your VRM filename may not work. Be sure to use simple characters in filenames to reduce any issues.

Other VRM hosting methods may or may not work. This document will be updated with additional storage options in the future.

Currently tested (and working) hosts include :

Hosting on Web3 Storage

  • You can create an account easily on Web3 Storage

  • If not already, go to the Manage Files section

  • Add files to your folder using either of the links to do so. Note the information under the panel.

  • Grab the VRM link to use in Mona by clicking on the IPFS link, and then right-click on the file to use the 'Copy link' to the VRM.

Hosting on GitHub

Once you have acquired or made your VRM asset, you can do the following :

  • Sign up to GitHub, if you haven't already : https://www.github.com

    • Sign up on the main page with your username, email, and password.

    • Prove you are a human (bot check)

    • Go through a survey

    • Verify your account with your email address.

  • Once logged in, click on the Create Repository at the top left to create a place for your VRM files

  • Input the information as you see fit including name, description (optional), and license. Make sure to make it a public repository. If this is not set, your VRM will not work. It is possible to set a repository to public after you have created the folder in the 'Danger Zone' section in the Repository settings at the bottom.

  • Select the 'Add File' button at the top, then 'Upload Files'.

  • Upload your files by drag/dropping or selecting your file/s.

Certain naming conventions are not supported on GitHub files in Mona. It is best to use standard characters only such as letters and numbers to reduce issues. Special characters and spaces have been known to make files not work.

  • Once uploaded, select Commit Changes at the bottom

The default github permalink will not work within Mona.

https://github.com/discmage/VRMs/blob/d294cce74a3ef7102e43580d27c1f9595428a4f4/Human_1.vrm is an example link that will not work.

You will need to change the URL of your VRM to what Mona can use. The easiest approach is to use the following link to get the public link : https://github-raw-link-generator.glitch.me/

  • A manual approach is converting your GitHub link to the following example: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GithubUserName/RepoName/branch(main or master)/file.vrm So in my case, the VRM link would be : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/discmage/VRMs/main/Human_1.vrm To find if your link requires main or master you can click on the file and see what the top right of the asset has defined. This is both visible on the Repository and the file.

  • Once you have your address you can use that in the VRM Importer using the 'Avatar' button at the bottom or the '4' hotkey in a Mona Space.

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