Embedded Video

It is possible to add a video to your space using the Video player tool in Unity.

Note that the video URL link cannot be updated after the space has been minted.

If you want to update the video link after minting you should use the standard canvas approach that can use Live streaming currently and will support video in the future.

  • Select the asset you would like to add the Video to, add the 'Video Player' component.

  • Make sure to set the 'Source' to 'URL' otherwise it will not work.

  • Add the URL for your video into the 'URL' parameter. Unity only supports .mp4 video formats.

  • It is recommended to turn the 'Looping' and 'Mute' options to on. Mute or significantly reduce the audio as the audio is global. As this URL cannot be updated after the space is minted the owner will not be able to edit this result.

  • You can test the video URL by pressing the Play the play button within Unity, or test it within the playground itself.

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