3rd Party Assets

This page will go into the details of 3rd Party Assets in Unity...

Generally speaking, using 3rd Party Assets from the Unity store in your space is not recommended unless you know that the license allows the use of it and that the asset will work.

There are mainly two types of assets that you may purchase : assets that help you use Unity, and assets that you can populate your space with.

The area that makes these assets difficult is that some assets will be included with the Mintable File at the moment, which creates licensing issues. This applies to both Unity and Asset based assets, and is the main reason we do not recommend using them unless specifically allowed.


  • Amplify Shader Editor (Make sure to remove references to Amplify)

Semi - Compatible

  • Bakery (Owner would need asset to utilise Mintable file)

Some Assets do not work with the current Mintable Asset building process. The following have been found to be unuseable for the time being.

  • L(ux) Water (Resets to default settings on importing asset with purchased asset)

  • Bakery Shaders (the baking itself works great!)

  • TirGames Assets (Shader issues, 'may' work if assets are purchased by owner or shaders are exchanged with Mona compatible ones)

  • MTree - Tree Creation (Shader dependency issues)

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