The Renaissance (Completed)

The Renassiance Buildathon

The Brief

The Renaissance of the Metaverse is a 3d buildathon event, designed to spur the creation of new virtual worlds. It’s an open call for Architects, Designers, and Artists, to build 3d spaces centered around 3 categories:
Spaces To Gather. Design gathering spaces to meet & share big ideas.
Spaces To Show Art. Design spaces to display incredible works of art.
Spaces To Perform. Design event spaces for live performances.
The aesthetic interpretation is where you can let your imagination run free.


There is $250,000 of prize money for this build-a-thon. The top 18 winning Spaces are required to be minted as NFT and will be bid on by Protocol Labs for the following prize amounts: 3 grand prizes of $30,000, 5 top prizes $10,000, 12 design prizes of $3,000.
Additionally, there are 30 creator prizes of $1,000 each, and 60 finalist prizes of $300. An additional $15,000 in community bonus prizes will be awarded along with $10,000 in interactivity bonus prizes.


Judging will be centered around the utility of Spaces as outlined in the brief.
The Renaissance will be judged by a panel of industry experts, including CEO of Protocol Labs, Juan Benet, that will be announced in February 2022.


1st Prize - Andromeda Arena by Faraz Mobin
2nd Prize - Mega Forum by ZUMO
3rd Prize - Neon City Streets by NeonGlitch86 & 78Special

Top Prize Winners

Beacon by Imdabao
Future Galerie Meta #1 by Olia Miho
Temple Garden by Memory
The Last Grain of Mother by Xinyi Wang
The Spinnerette by Metageist

Design Prize Winners

Ana-Kata by RALE
Atmos House by Archonomous
Collector's Station by Lauro Santos
Cozy Attic by Sai Kiran
Fracti Regnum by Imaji Sthapati
Meta-Mars 2222 by DAI_ADA_H2H
Pinacotheca Metallon by OgiWorlds
The Cradle of Life by Kelvin Paul Marchioro
The Flow Gallery by Nils Hansen
The Impossible Gallery by Enrico Galeazzi
Theater Island by Futudesign

Creator Prize Winners

Biolum Labs by Ryan McKinnon
Biomorphia Portal Hub by Carla Knopp/Olgelta
"Biosphere" by Arcyptecture
Circuit[Scape] by Make2D
Concrete Art Space by Tim Masterson
Dimorah by Harry Valenti
e0in|Maze by e0in
Elemental Layer by Digivoke
Eno by Sean Heath
Fallen Giant by Jason Duckmanton
GeoVaporwave by Bartosz Iwanow
hyperplatform by kuba_hyperliving
Infinit8 by TAOTM
Locus Solus by Traffic
Mainbowl by Olufemi Akola
Mayan Ruins by Studsy Burke
Ode to Makers by jin
Olympus by Tom Moore
Possibly Inconceivable Gallery by ZCreative Media
Purgatory by ArchMeta
Sanctuarium by Hard
Skyline Relics by Mr Sudo x Paxman
TAG-2 by Bryan Ye
The Black Sol by mexiclouds
The Dome by Jurate Volkaviciute
The Wildcat Sky Lounge by The Black Fractal
Unfolding the Universe by Ashley Zelinskie
Vivarium by Femolition

Interactivity Prize Winners

Biomorphia Portal Hub by Carla Knopp/Olgelta
Cozy Attic by Sai Kiran
Deru Treuwitho by Vxgx
Mayan Ruins by Studsy Burke
Olympus by Tom Moore
Skyline Relics by Mr Sudo x Paxman
The Cradle of Life by Kelvin Paul Marchioro
Unfolding the Universe by Ashley Zelinskie
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