Retrowave Modules

Adding interactivity using Reactor.

In these videos, we walk through steps to understand how to add interactivity into our spaces with specific modules that you can download as a Game kit and use to create your own spaces.

  • Check out the Demo YouTube video here.

  • Download the gamekit to follow along the tutorials.

  • Or download the Retrowave kit itself as a unitypackage.

  • Check out the space itself here.

Retrowave Workshop

You can watch the Workshop itself that goes over the overall experience.

Achievement Module

Achievement Module

Anti-Gravity Module

Anti Gravity Module

Cut Scene Module

Cut Scene Module

Respawn, Hazards, and Traps Module

Respawn Module, Hazards, & Traps

Random Skybox and Audio Module

Random Skybox and Audio Module

Start Gate and Timer Module

Super Jump and Run Powerup Module

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