MONA Marketplace

Buy & Sell your Metaverse Worlds on

The MONA Market is the best way to browse, buy, and sell Virtual Experiences for the Metaverse.

After the release of our V2 contract earlier this year, we added the ability to list your Worlds on multiple marketplaces, starting with our very own Marketplace on

Creators receive more royalties on MONA!

When selling directly on the Mona Marketplace, Creators receive 4.5% more on Secondary Sales versus selling on a 3rd party marketplace like OpenSea.

Primary Sale : 85% Creator + 15% MONA

Secondary Sale : 85% Seller + 12% Creator + 3% MONA

How to Sell a World on MONA

Before you can list and sell a World on the MONA Marketplace, you need to either own an existing world, or mint a world of your own.

Your Space can be accessible on both stores (and price them accordingly) or delist the OpenSea space in order to benefit from the higher royalties.

  • Log into your MONA Wallet

  • Click on the Minted World you’d like to sell.

  • Press the “View Token” button

  • Select “List Token”

  • Set the Price you’d like to sell for and click List

  • You will be notified on the website that your Space has been listed

Listing your space on the MONA Marketplace will charge a gas fee. For the current gas fee you can see the current rate on Ethereum Gas Tracker.

Creators are also able to accept offers made by collectors if you are using Ethereum. Polygon spaces are currently not able to receive offers from collectors. Zora Protocol must support making offers on Polygon for this to be available. If you’d like to sell your Polygon Space, you have to set a list price on the Mona Marketplace.

Auctions are not supported on the MONA Marketplace at the moment.

To Buy a World on MONA

  • Select the World you’d like to buy on

  • On the Details page, click Buy Now or Make an Offer

  • Confirm the transaction in your Wallet.

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