Host an Event

With Mona, you can host a social experiential event with friends, fans, or large groups.

Lets look at some of the basics and then get into some details to make the best event you can!

Choose a Mona Space for your event.

Select a space you'd like to host an event on the Mona Website.
All spaces start as a private single player experience. To create a public hangout link Press (1) on your keyboard or select the Host a Hangout button.
Click on the Host a Hangout link
The link will be automatically copied for you to share with others. If you are already in a hangout space, or want to invite others, use the 'Share' button to copy the hangout link to the clipboard in order to send it to other users.
Click on the 'Share' button to copy it to the clipboard

Entering a Space

Once you share the Hangout Link with others, just paste the Hangout link in any desktop browser. We recommend Firefox, Chrome, Brave or Edge. Safari is not supported.
Make sure that you note that Safari and Web for Mobile is not supported with Mona spaces at this time. If a user tries to open a space with Safari or on a smartphone it will not work.

Are users required to sign in?

Users are not required to sign in and currently get a robot avatar (similar to the one in the screenshot above), however they will be noted as a 'Guest #' until they sign in using a Metamask wallet.
It is possible to customise their avatar with, or without, a wallet using the Avatar button at the bottom. A wallet will allow their avatar to be saved regardless of if they clear the browser cache etc.
Customise the Avatar
If you want more information on setting up the Metamask Wallet, you can go to the 'How do I set up a wallet' section on the Setting up a wallet page.

Users per space (>500)

Mona has no hard limit on how many people can join a space, as this depends on the complexity of the space. Simpler spaces could easily reach 500+ users, whereas a complex space would have to pay more attention to how many users there are in order to run smoothly.
The overall experience also depends on the computer and internet speed being used.

Audio Considerations

At the moment all voice chat and space audio in Mona is one audio output. If you want more control over the voice options then it is possible to use Twitter Spaces or a Discord channel to use Voice Chat.
It is possible to feed the audio from the computer through as a microphone input, and this opens up options for live music streams, or other event types that require custom audio. Having this feature would greatly increase the 'event' status of a space.
You can check out Live Music Feed for more information.

Targeted Access

It is also possible to limit access to the space to those who have an NFT in a collection, a certain amount of tokens, or is part of a DAO. This is possible using Token gated Access, and for more information on this you can go to the Token Gated Access page.