Emote/Emoji Challenge (Completed)

The Brief

There are 2 new ways to express yourself in the Monaverse:

The Emote Wheel + The Emoji Menu

To celebrate these new features, we’re asking you - how will you express?

  • Create a custom emote animation for explorers to use inside the Monaverse.

  • Create a custom emoji (image) for use in Mona and 👾Discord


Top custom emote animations will be chosen and brought into the Monaverse.

  • Dances, gestures, positions etc.

  • Capture using tools like Rokoko or animate by hand.

File Specifications

.FBX Format

Use a default Unity rig - Download.

Animation must loop.

Name your emote!

Max 30 seconds long.

No root motion.


Blender -https://www.blender.org/

Rokoko -https://www.rokoko.com/

Cascadeur -https://cascadeur.com/plans Resources Avatar Animation Workshop

Top custom emojis (image or .gif) will be available for all in Mona and 👾Discord.

  • Reacts, images, animations related to Mona or the metaverse.

File Specifications

.PNG format

256 x 256px max

Transparent background

Static or animated emojis welcome.

Discord Emoji Guidelines


Krita -https://krita.org

Photoshop -https://adobe.com


  • 1 ETH in prizes

  • Your work is featured in Mona the Mona Emote Wheel / Emoji Menu for all to use.

  • Your emojis as part of the Mona Discord Server for all to use.

  • Glory and fame!


Emotes and Emojis will be selected by a small group of judges. They will be asked to choose their favorites based on originality, execution and concept.






Happy Arch


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