Imported Assets

Depending on your pipeline you may find difficulty in getting your assets into Unity. This page will go over some common approaches for getting around these issues.

Open Brush

Open Brush files use dependencies that give an error inside of Mona because they're reliant on certain scripts. This is simple to fix however with the following :

  • Load the space files in

  • Import the OpenBrush SDK unitypackage

  • Import the OpenBrush Json unitypackage files

For more information, and to download the required unitypackage go to the following :


Poly count

As much as it is possible to export assets as .fbx from Rhino/Revit into Unity, as these 3D tools are not designed with optimized polygon count in mind, it is highly likely that your assets will be very high polygon for a WebGL experience which will reduce the frame rate on spaces. It is strongly recommended to look into mesh optimization using something like Blender (which is free) or other 3D modeling tools (Maya, 3D Studio MAX etc.) in order to make sure that your user experience is as good as possible with a reasonable frame rate.

Rhino 7 does have a remesh tool now however, so that could certainly be used to improve your assets performance inn a space.

An example of this can be found at the following :

UV Wrapping

UVMaps are also not possible to be edited in Rhino or Revit. These will tell how to apply the texture to the assets in Unity. Once again Blender, Maya, 3D Studio MAX etc. all have tools that allow for UV Editing. Tutorials for this will be included in the future, but you can certainly search for good UV Unwrapping tutorials for your 3D modeling tool of choice to find out more.

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