Every question you have about building virtual spaces or creating custom Avatars can be answered in this section.
Whether you’re a brand new metaverse builder or a seasoned professional, Mona is the most comprehensive platform for your build. In this section you will find how to Create your Space, Add interactivity to your Space, Improve and Optimize your Space, Create Avatars & learn about Mona Tools.
Let’s level up our skills together.

Building Spaces

The best place to start is the Get Started page if you are coming to Mona for the first time. This will go over installing Unity and the Mona template in order to start building fantastic spaces in the Monaverse.
If you haven't looked at building for the Metaverse before, especially for a WebGL platform, then it is recommended to go over the Building in the Metaverse doc as this goes over some of the considerations for making a space run well in a web based environment.

Create your Space

The Create your Space category will go over all the basics for a Mona space such as setting up Materials for your assets or adding Colliders to make sure Users don't fall through the floor or run through doors. There are several other docs you can use to add other elements such as Canvases so that people can add their favorite artworks even after the space has been minted.

Adding Interactivity

The Adding Interactivity category goes into the details of adding interactive assets to your space using the Reactor tools in Mona.

Mona Tools

The Mona Toolscategory goes into some of the tools Mona has created to help build your spaces including a VOX Importer and a Light Probe Generator alongside others that will grow over time.

Improve your Space

The Improve your Space category goes over methods to improve your space to either improve the space overall through better experiences or visuals.

Optimise your Space

Optimise your Space covers skills that allow your space to run better, especially on lower end systems.

Submit your Space

The last thing that you can do is submit your space for minting in order to sell as an NFT. For this, check out the Submit Your Space docs.

Creating Avatars

If you are more interested in creating VRM Avatars, then Creating Avatars would be the best place to start. These docs go over the processes involved, depending on if you want to use UniVRM in Unity, just Blender with the 'VRM for Blender' addon, or a mix of the two.


The resources section has a ton of links and resources that builders can use in the space from textures and audio, to importing your space from AltSpace.
It also has links to the Mona Library which includes a bunch of premade assets by creators and the Mona team that you can use to speed up your building process as well as links to the Mona Playground which you can use to see what kind of things you can do in a space, and even download so you can learn how its done.

Mona Marketplace

This section goes into the Mona Marketplace, royalties, and how to sell your assets online.