MONA Library

This page will go into the MONA Library and the Assets that are included...

The MONA Library is a tool that offers a growing collection of assets that Creators have offered to Builders to use in their spaces. It will include different resources such as Portals and Sculptures that are allowed to be used in Spaces.

If you want to add an asset to the library, check out the MONA Library Submission tutorial here.

Note that community imported assets may not be as optimized for all MONA spaces. Make sure that the polygon and material count is suitable for the space you are creating.

The Library

The Library asset can be opened from the top of the Unity window in the MONA Template. This will open the Library itself that you can dock in your layout as you see fit.

If you click 'Download' on any of the assets, the Unity import window will pop up offering a view of the assets and where it will be placed in your Project folders. If you are submitting assets, this folder hierarchy will be a good base for your asset.

Click on Import at the bottom of the window to import the asset, or Cancel if you change your mind.

Once imported, you can go to the Project window and drag the asset into your Hierarchy or Scene as you need.

If you want to submit assets for others to use in the Library, you can go to the next tutorial.

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