Sculpture Challenge (Completed)

The Brief

Introducing our next build challenge - SCULPTURES

The Metaverse began with empty space, now it is filling up with unique cultural objects by creators all over the world. These digital assets foster new stories, and new experiences. Wherever you are in the Monaverse, there are new forms to discover, with the unknown waiting just beyond.

THE CHALLENGE: Design an incredible sculpture using your 3d creation tools of choice, to entice visitors to admire, engage, and discuss.

Asset Recommendations:

  • Polygon Count: 10k, or “Game-Ready”

  • Model Format: .UnityPackage

  • Texture Sizes: >2k

This Build Challenge is in preparation for our NYC Build-a-thon and will be judged by a panel.


1st prize = $1000

2nd prize = $800

3rd Prize = $500

4th Prize = $350

5th Prize = $350


Prize winners will be selected by the Mona team. Winning Assets will be purchased by Mona and shared with the community via the Community Asset Library for others to use in their future builds. Any asset that wishes to be part of the community library will have the option to opt in.


Cameron Nelson

Kyle Hammond

Thomas Moore

Kelon Cen

Nils Hansen

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