Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need to build the metaverse?

You can use any 3d modeling software to build a virtual space with Mona. Software commonly used are Blender, Rhino, 3ds Max, Gravity Sketch, and more.

After you've modelled your world, we use the Unity Game Engine to package and publish your metaverse space.

We make this process very easy, even if you have never used Unity before. Check out our Get Started tutorial to get started building.

What equipment do I need to enter the metaverse?

You can enter any Mona space directly in a web browser -- no downloads needed. More specifically, you can use a Mac or PC running Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Edge. (Yes even Microsoft Edge). Safari is currently not supported.

How big can I make my space?

250MB is the maximum filesize for the Playground Files folder. If it is more than this you will need to optimize further.

Some techniques for optimising filesize include :

  • Reduce the size/number of textures

  • Reduce the number/size of lightmaps

  • Reduce the number/size of Reflection Probes

  • Reduce the size of the skybox texture

So how big can I make the space?

Generally speaking the size of your Space can be as big as your ability to optimise it for use on most devices. A large space would have less detail/textures etc, whereas a small space could have more detail. A lot of it comes down to draw calls which includes things like how many unique objects and textures/materials are in your space and how the lighting affects them. There are many ways to optimise your assets in your space, and some of these will be covered in Improve your Space.

Does Mona support VR / AR?

At the moment Mona does not support VR or AR. We will be looking into this in the future however.

Can I use Assets from a marketplace?

Yes, but there are considerations.

Assets need to be 'game ready'. High polygon objects are not designed with game ready assets in mind, and will need to be optimised to do so. This may require retopology and baking, so unless you are willing to take the extra steps to make these assets ready for a WebGL game experience then it may be wise to avoid these assets.

But make sure to read the usage license before using in your Space. We recommend you create your own 3d assets from scratch or using open-source 3d assets.

Another issue is to make sure that the assets are able to be used and there are no issues with the mintable files. A common issue is that a 3rd Party Asset uses a complex shader that does not work in the mintable file. This will usually be picked up in the QA process, thereofre something to consider with purchasing assets.

To test the mintable file, you can follow the instructions at the bottom of the following page :

Can I play on a mobile device?

No, but this is being looked into in the future.

Can I add lighting to my scene?

Yes, you can add lighting! That said, it is wise to limit your use of Realtime lights to 1-2 unless you understand how to use them effectively (this comes down to optimising spaces). We recommend doing most of your lighting by using Lightmaps. Lightmaps can create much better results for less resources, the only catch is they are not dynamic. Check out our Lighting guides here.

Unity 2022.3.6 is the recommend version at the moment for highest compatibility with Mona.

This can be downloaded here.

Can I animate elements in my scene?

Yes. Objects can be animated in a 3D application like Blender and imported into Unity, or within Unity by using the Animation timeline.

You can get started with Unity Animation here.

Can I stream in video or Audio into a space?

Yes. You can set up a canvas to have Livestreaming. For more information go to Live Streaming in MONA

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