Submitting your VRM to the Mona Marketplace

After submitting your files for VRMs, make sure to fill out the following submission form. We will either notify you if you avatar has Failed or Passed QA :

With the Mona VRM Marketplace it is possible to sell VRMs to users with the following royalty system :

Primary Sale : 85% Creator + 15% Mona

Secondary Sale : 85% Seller + 12% Creator + 3% Mona

To submit your VRM you will need the following information :

  • Artist Name

  • Title

  • Description

  • Properties / Genre

  • Preview Image (2000x2000)

  • Mintable File (.vrm)

First you submit the initial details in your Wallet (Artist, Title, Description, and Properties)

After that you can upload the following :

  • Preview Image - For best results use the following guidelines :

    • 2000x2000 resolution.

    • Make sure that the Preview image uses a white background.

    • The Avatar should be centered.

    • Avatar should be a full body shot.

    • Should not contain logos or branding not on the VRM itself.

    • Should not contain any assets, colors, textures, or 3D objects that are not in the VRM itself.

    • Should not be posed in a way that is vulgar, inappropriate, or offensive against any group or individual or is otherwise objectionable.

  • Mintable file is the vrm file you are submitting.

QA Process

Your submission will go through a QA process to make sure that it is ready for use in the metaverse. The order in which the avatars are approved is at the discretion of the Mona team.

If it is your first time submitting a VRM, you will need to submit your wallet address on the QA Submission form in order to be put on the Allow list for minting purposes.

Make sure that your VRM is within the following requirements otherwise it may fail QA as there can be a large number of Avatars in a space.

The Maximum specs below will still pass QA, but would not be considered a good avatar for a Mobile/Standalone VR experience (depending on the space and number of VRMs in the space).

Excellent VRM SpecsGood VRM SpecsMaximum VRM Specs

Less than 8Mb in total

Less than 10Mb

Less than 12Mb

Less than 2m in unit height

Less than 2m in unit height.

Less than 2m in unity height

Less than 7,500 polygons (15,000 triangles)

Less than 10k polygons (20,000 triangles)

less than 12.5k polygons (25,000 triangles)

1 Meshes

1 Meshes

1-2 Meshes

1 material

1 material

1-2 materials

1024 x 1024 total textures *

1024 x 1024 individual textures *

2048x2048 total textures *

*Note how the textures differ from Total and Individual. Total means that all your textures add up to the target textures. So instead of having a diffuse, normal, smoothness/Metallic, and emissive texture at 1024x1024, they would actually be 512x512 each to add up to a 1024x1024.

Individual would be 1024x1024 for each texture type. Textures play the largest part in file size and affect how performant a VRM is in a space, which is very important when it comes to Standalone VR and Mobile platforms.

Once passed the QA Process, and been added to the Allow list, you can mint your VRM and sell it!

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