Using Avatars in WebAR

How to view your avatar in the real world with WebAR...

It is possible to view and capture your avatar in the real world using WebAR on a mobile phone.

Uploading your Avatar

  • Upload your avatar to your Mona wallet using the Create > Avatar option in your drafts.

  • Add in your Avatar details such as Author, title, and description.

  • Drag and drop (or select file of) your .vrm in the Mintable file category.

Using the WebAR tool

  • Go to the following address on a desktop browser to get the QR Code or just type in the address (with the correct avatar title) using a browser on your phone or tablet :<Your-Avatar-Name>/ar

  • Make sure to use the title of your avatar in the address, not the filename of the .vrm.

  • Change any spaces in your avatar name to a dash '-' when typing in the address. ' Thornbug/ar' should be ''

  • Special characters are not recommended.

  • You may need to allow the Mona WebAR Tool to access your camera.

  • Once the page is loaded, find where you would like to place the Avatar in the world and select 'Tap to Place' to load your avatar.

Once loaded, you can control your avatar and capture images.

  • Select anywhere apart from the capture button at the bottom and drag to move the avatar.

  • Click on the Capture button at the bottom to take an image, or hold the Capture button to take a clip.

  • Select Share or Download to save the content.

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