Adding Interactivity

There are two ways to add interactivity to a Mona Space : Visual Scripting and Reactor. Custom scripting is currently not supported due to security concerns in a WebGL environment.

Visual scripting is a method of creating game logic using a visual interface instead of writing code in another programming language. This makes it easier for creators to make incredible experiences, all inside Unity 3d. You may have seen this in Unreal with Blueprints. For more information go to Visual Scripting.

Reactor is Mona's approach to interactivity by using events (such as walking into or interacting with a collider) to trigger parameters in the Animator component. This basically removes the need to program anything and focuses on transitioning between different animations that you create when an event happens.

If you want a detailed overview of the Reactor process, you can go to the Mona Reactor. If you have a good understanding of Unity's Animation and Animator toolset you could go to Reactor Overview.

Choosing which method depends on what you are trying to do, but understanding both would definitely allow you to create the best experiences for your space as both are pretty powerful in their own way.

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