Own a Space

What can you do with a space once you have purchased it!

Mona spaces are continually adding functionality to spaces both before and after minting. Currently, having a minted space will allow the following :

  • Token Gated Access

  • Visible on the Mona Website

  • Able to edit which Spaces your portals are linked to

  • Able to be linked to from other spaces

  • Able to edit the Artifact and Canvas media links (currently .png and .jpg)

In the future we will be adding the following functionality :

  • Admin privileges such as muting or kicking users from the space

  • Offering Spaces to be rented

  • and more!

If you have any specific use cases you would like to see, send us a message in the Suggestions channel on the discord!

Token Gated Access

Token Gated Access allows you to restrict users to your space based on if they :

  • have an NFT in an NFT Collection

  • A specified amount of a certain Token

  • are a member of a certain DAO

  • Have a specific POAP

For more information you can go : Token Gated Access

Part of the Mona Ecosystem

A minted space means you have full access to the Mona ecosystem, meaning you are part of the ever growing Monaverse! Other Spaces can link to your space, so make sure to network and get your space linked.

Minted spaces will be able to be found on the monaverse.com website.

You can also edit the portals to link to which Spaces you like, such as your own minted spaces (if you own more) or other minted Spaces in the Monaverse.

Its a good idea to have your target Space portal link back to your Space as this will create a more connected experience for everyone, so be sure to ask the target Space owner for a portal back (from the portal you connect to). This is completely optional however.

More on how to update Portal links will be added soon.

As the owner you can also update many of the links in your space on your wallet. It is possible to update where your portals connect to, what websites your artifacts link to, and the images that are displayed and the websites your canvases go to when clicked.

Portals connect to other minted spaces on the Mona network.

Artifacts are objects that can (eventually) be removed from and edited in a space, but for now can link to other websites of your choice.

Canvases display images that are hosted on public web hosting services such as Pinata, WIX, SquareSpace, Imgur etc. Services like Dropbox, Onedrive, Google drive will not work for Canvas media. Currently .png and .jpg are supported with Canvases. Video is coming soon.

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