MONA Playground

Introducing the MONA Playground for builders to learn from!

The MONA Playground is a space that covers a lot of the basics of MONA Spaces.

It will have examples of all the functionality of MONA spaces, and go over some of the tools that you can use to greatly enhance your space in quality, interest, and performance in WebGL. Further examples of assets in the space include :

  • Portals, Artifacts, and Canvases

  • Lightmapping

  • Materials

  • Texture Optimization

  • Reactor

  • Player Property Volumes (PPV's)

  • Animation

  • Mesh collider optimization

Visit the MONA Playground

Click HERE to visit the MONA Playground or click on the following :

Download the MONA Playground Project

You can download the project files HERE or you can get them at the following :

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