Creating Animation

The Animation tool allows you to create animation on assets such as 3D objects, audio, particles etc. This could be something simple like changing position, rotation, or scale, as well as animating a texture, or adjusting volume on an audio asset. There are many elements of many asset types that can be animated.

For more information on how to create animation in Unity, go to Animation in Unity.

It is also possible to import animations from other programs such as Blender, Maya, 3D Studio MAX etc. For more information on importing animation from external applications, go to Importing Animation.

To use Reactor, you need to have more than one animation, allowing Reactor to switch between them, and the method of navigating multiple animations is through the Animator window.

A simple door could have different approaches to it such as :

  • a single frame closed animation and a single frame open animation where the Animator component will transition between the two.

  • A single frame closed animation, an open animation (that isn't looped), and a close animation (that isn't looped).

There are more ways to make it work, it just depends on how you want the door to work.

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