Assigning VRM Details

VRM export in both UniVRM and VRM for blender allow the creator to assign details to the meta data, or information within the digital asset, that platforms may display so it's good to get these added.

Recommended settings are in bold, but set as you like.

  • For VRM for Blender, expand the 'VRM 0.x Meta' panel under the VRM tab on the right side and fill in the details as needed.

    • Profile picture - see below

    • Title - Name of your VRM avatar

    • Version - 1.0 is common

    • Author - your prefered tag / name

    • Contact Information - any info such as twitter, email or website

    • Reference - optionally add any reference that you used

    • Allowed User - Only Author / Explicitly Licensed Person / Everyone

    • Violent Usage - Allowed / Disallowed

    • Sexual Usage - Allowed / Disallowed

    • Commercial Usage - Allowed / Disallowed

    • Other Permissions URL - optional

    • License - Redistribution Prohibited / CC0 / CC BY / CC BY NC / etc.

Setting the Thumbnail

To set the thumbnail you will need to import an image to apply.

  • Go to the UV Editing tab at the top

  • Select the 'Open' icon at the top of the left viewport

  • Select the image you would like to use. 2048x2048 is recommended.

  • Once added, you can go back to the Thumbnail parameter in the VRM0.x Meta panel and select your image.

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