VRM Creation

As with any asset creation pipeline there are many different approaches to it depending on your resources, time, and overall preference. This doc will go over some common pipelines that people use to create their avatars. What you choose is completely up to you depending on which tools you are comfortable with. You can even mix and match as you see fit.

Pipeline 1 - Quickest and easiest

Pipeline 2 - Blender only

Pipeline 3 - Advanced Avatars

  • Create a high polygon asset using your 3D Creation tool of choice such as ZBrush, Blender, Maya, 3D Studio MAX, etc.

    • Sculpting / Modelling

    • Unwrapping UVs (optional)

    • Texturing (optional)

  • Use Retopology to create the final low polygon Avatar asset based on the high poly asset. This would include the following :

    • Modelling via retopology

    • Unwrapping UVs

    • Baking the high poly details onto the low poly asset (using normal maps)

    • Texturing

  • Rig using Mixamo or Accurig (as a starting point)

  • Add custom bones for use with Spring Bones for secondary motion in your 3D Creation tool

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