Welcome to MONA

The Welcome to MONA page goes over the basics of MONA and the goal of documentation.

MONA is a world-building platform. Built for creators, by creators.

With MONA, you can design and publish online experiences using common 3D creation tools. Experiences like virtual homes, avatars, art galleries, live event venues, games, meeting places, shopping centers, clubs, and more.

Welcome to the MONA Docs

Here, you learn how to create beautiful, immersive worlds using tools like Blender and Unity which are free or paid applications like Maya, and Substance Painter to name a few. We will cover how to create the assets, through to adding interactivity using Reactor and visual scripting. As well as improving your lighting, and optimising the space experience so that it looks great and runs well alongside many other skills that you can learn to improve online experiences.

We will also show you how to create Avatars to navigate and explore the many spaces that are available with your friends.

Anyone can start building a Space by installing Unity and downloading our ready-to-use template on GitHub.

You do not need to buy land in order to get started. Just creativity and an open mind.

For more information go to the Get Started doc.

Check out the links to the left to learn how to create your space.

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