Optimizing your Mesh

This doc is an overview of the documentation within the category covering different ways to optimise your assets.
As Mona works on WebGL/Browser it is important to get your asset polygon count as low as possible while keeping it looking the quality that you would like. There are many ways to do this depending on the 3D Tools you have access to and willing to learn.
The tutorials within this category will go over various approaches to optimising you assets.

Decimation and Remeshing

The two main methods for reducing polycount are :
  • Decimation/Remeshing - faster but lower quality
  • Retopology - takes longer to do but significantly higher quality and more optimised.


It is then possible to project or bake the detail from the high polygon assets into the low polygon assets you've created.
The detail could include color and light through to the projecting the actual details in the high polygon asset (such as wrinkles or bolts) onto a texture called a normal map. A normal map is basically a texture that displays bump information that light in a game engine will react to. This will significantly reduce the polycount at the cost of filesize with an extra texture.
Finding the balance between polycount and texture size is the true battle with game development. But with some time you can make fantastic assets that look good and run great.